Technology has certainly made our lives a lot easier & with regards to meeting new people for a date, it is been blessing in disguise in some ways whereas incredibly annoying in others. Well, online dating is an absolutely different landscape. You are being judged every second on several numbers of criteria.

So, when it is about 1st impressions, first messages are your best opportunity to leave a great 1st impression. That said, listed below are a few tips for you guys on what “Not” to message:

The brief “Hi” or “Hey” or “How are you doing?”

A girl instantly notices this as a pretty typical conversation starter. Think regarding it! Out of all the things you may discuss about in a profile that she puts out, you decided to ignore completely everything (not deliberately) & opt for the easy conventional way of messaging. If you aren’t serious about starting it strong, how can you expect that you are going to grab a girl’s attention immediately?


The excessively lengthy message:

On the other side of the line, you don’t wish to highlight her profile too much either. Keep in mind that, there is a very fine line between passionately interested & creepy.

Anything that highlights only her appearance:

See it is all about personality. Appreciate her look & something regarding her individuality, hobbies, etc. that you genuinely find interesting.

Request for more pictures:

Lol! This will turn off a lady immediately. So, stop it!

Resumes or paraphrases of resumes:

This can be supposed as overcompensations in that your charm rests on qualifications. That is great & but at times it can be a bit showy. Showcase your more universal & dimensional appeals: wit, humor, and charm.

Pick-up lines:

Pickup lines can be cute. However, this approach exists on a very unforgiving spectrum. So avoid any pick-up lines that involve your mini-man friend and any of his pals. Just stop it!

Second, third messages:

Better to wait it out then send another text. There have been plenty of times that my lingering desire of replying to a guy quickly evaporated. Because he could. Not. Wait.

I would like to stop here. But guys, by following these principles, even if you don’t score an instant date, you will at least be able to sustain a banter online & not be rejected from the very beginning. Being a leading Manchester escort I know what girls like and what not and I hope these tips will help you! Good Luck!

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