Traveling Manchester for the first time? If so, then a visit to Chinatown should be on top of your list.

From trying some unusual foods to checking out one of the Manchester escort agencies for some adult fun, Chinatown has everything you require, day & night.

If you’re in Chinatown for the 1st time, here are a few things you should try for the ultimate adventure:

Grab a Delicious Breakfast:

Give your day a great start with a delicious breakfast. And there couldn’t be a better place than Ho’s Bakery on Faulkner Street for an appetizing breakfast. It sells lip-smacking baked goods, and also a huge variety of savoury delights, sweet treats and cold and hot drinks. If you’ve an anniversary or birthday coming up, their celebration cakes are something special to check out.

Visit a Spa:

In Chinatown you will come across innumerable Thai and Asian spa scenes, for example the Bali Health Lounge placed on George Street, which provides a variety of massage and therapies. And the Napa Thai Spa standing tall on Faulkner Street is wide open until 10pm 7-days a week – perfect for a post work relaxation.

Grab Your Lunch:

If you are indecisive, you have got issues since there’re dozens of restaurants where you will get buffet style meal, banquets and sushi. The best thing is most of the eateries remain open until the early hours. And what could be a better way to meet your hunger with full 3-course Chinese meal?

Visit a store to buy some Chinese produce:

From sauce directly shipped from Beijing to top-quality noodles and spices, you will find something to fulfill your requirements at the local shops. Woo Sang on George Street features a variety of Eastern produces, serving for anyone willing to cook a Malaysian, Taiwanese or Thai meal.

Take a Stroll:

Chinatown truly comes alive throughout the New Year celebration, with on-street crafts, stalls vending gifts & jewelry and live music floating all through the street.

It’s an excellent place to walk around, stopping to snap a photo under the arches or rushing into a café to enjoy a cup of green tea at the Cha Kee Hong Kong style cafe on Portland Street.


If you are after some top quality cocktails, then the Alchemist should be your place. You’ll find some of the finest alcoholic mixed drinks here, and it features a superb outdoor heating scene, if you’re audacious enough to test some chilly al fresco goodness.


No trip to Chinatown should be completed without belting your heart out at any of the popular nightclubs it has to offer. The K2 nightclub, Vina and Orchid Lounge are the places to discharge you inner Whitney Houston.

K2, with its late-night license, brash neon lights and private karaoke booth is a renowned option for groups, whereas Vina is a bit more intimate and the Orchid Lounge is regularly visited at weekend.

So, not a bad way to end your day in Chinatown! Am I right?

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