It happens in every guy’s life: he sees a beautiful girl and keens to start a conversation right away, but he is just too nervous or afraid to make things happening. The more gorgeous the woman, the more complicated it is. Yet for a great number of guys, just talking with any woman he doesn’t familiar with can be a torment worse than offering a public speech. However, this shouldn’t be the case! There is no woman in the planet you cannot approach, once you master a few rules of thumbs.

Rule No 1:

Throw away the fear of rejection from your mind while approaching a girl. Relying upon your taste, there’re still many prospective dates. Rejection doesn’t suggest the conclusion of your dating life, but being anxious about rejection can limit your self-confidence for sure. So, don’t afraid of being rejected – embrace the feasibility of approval.

Rule No 2:

Master the art of being confident. Be confident while walking up to a girl for talking. Walk to her with a straight shoulder and look into her eyes as you start approaching. Don’t fumble while talking – though you tend to be a bit nervous. Confidence displays that you’re self-assured and also send the girl a message that you are interested in her.

Rule No 3:

Can you make a girl laugh with your joke or whatever sense of humor you got? Trust me if you can do so, she will never mind to talk with you whole night long. Nevertheless, making a woman laugh is more about infusing the chat with humorous observations than telling old boring jokes.

Rule No 4:

Give a genuine compliment to sparkle interest. Approaching after you’ve heard her laugh offers you the ideal chance to let her know that what a wonderful smile she has, but be certain to have something humorous to follow up so you make her to laugh once more. Comparing a woman to a great beauty can be risky, so you don’t wish to tell a woman she resembles a particular celebrity if she believes that celebrity is not appealing.

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